TRADING DRAFT PICKS? Please answer ASAP. Draft starts in 25 mins

I have the 11th pick in a 12 man leagues…But i was offered before the draft to trade my 2nd and 3rd pick for the #1 pick in the draft. So i draft twice in the 1st round. Is it worth it to accept this???

Need more information on your league. How many teams? What’s the format? Any keepers? Let us know.

12 man team. PPR. No keepers. Re-draft league

Re-draft league. 12 man. PPR.

Eh not sure it’s worth waiting that long to pick again unless you go RB twice and hope that there will be some solid WR 2s left to put in your roster as your WR1. But you will have some bomb RBS. So it could be worth it. Also depends on how your league drafts too.