Trading Draft Picks

Hey folks I commish a Keeper League and we are looking to add draft picks in our trades and I am looking for some suggestions on how this could work smoothly. A little info on the league rules are…

You can keep a total of 3 players you can keep one player within these rounds.
1st-3rd , 4th-10th, and 11th-16th.

Any free agent is considered a 7th round pick/keeper.

You can keep players up to 3 years.

The Keeper penalty is the round they were drafted in.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!

What is your questions regarding trading picks?

Step 1. Allow trading picks.
Step 2. ?
Step 3. FUN

If you trade a pick, say a 3rd, you can no longer keep a player you drafted in the third.

If you receive a pick, say a 1st, and you also keep your own first then you can keep a player in the first and make a pick in the 1st. In this example, the firsts are not interchangeable. You wouldn’t be able to use your own pick to draft higher then the pick you received in the trade.

Hope that helps.

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