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Trading Eric Decker for Devante Parker


After seeing how many looks Parker got from smokin jay in the pre-season I was for sure going to target him in my draft. Of course the guy right in front of me drafted him so now I’m trying to think of a way to steal him back. Last year this same guy was really high on Eric Decker until he got hurt. Would offering him Decker for Parker be a fair trade? Or would i be screwing over myself? The ballers have Parker a tier ahead of Decker.


If you and the Ballers are higher on Parker and Decker is expendable to you then go for it. The only drawback for Parker I can think of is his desire to maximize his potential so hopefully he’s living right and not eating McD’s and bumming cigs from Jay cutty


:joy: Let’s hope. I offered the trade and it was almost going through then he declined. I’m fine with keeping Decker’s red zone targets


Decker is a redzone target hog and Mariota is something like the most efficient Redzone QB so barring injury they should make some sweet tunes in the music city