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Trading Ertz and Aaron Jones for Ajayi and Gronk?


What do you guys think about this trade? I’m currently 6-1 in a full PPR league and my other backs are gurley, j stewart, marlon Mack and rob Kelley. Any feedback is appreciated!!


I wouldn’t, Ertz is more reliable and has outperformed Gronkowski. I’d say you ride with what you got.


Yeah definitely agree, I’d way rather have Ertz. The rb situation is what has me thinking. If Ajayi could turn it around this second half of the season he’d be great to have for playoffs.


I would take Gronk and Ajayi if it was me.


I’d for sure do it. You know Ajayi will get all the Dolphins carries, and I mean come on it’s Gronk. if you end up hating him you can always use him to trade up big (someone always over values him). Sucks to lose Ertz but who knows what’s going to happen with Jones with Rodgers out.


I make the trade. Gronk always has a huge upside and i definitely see ajayi turning it around for the rest of the season.


In my leagues scoring,Gronk is 4points behind Ertz. and that is being out for a game. (yes that is a concern with Gronk). Ertz has had better match ups also. Gronk gets a little better match ups in the second half.


I like Ertz a lot! Darn good TE-Gronk gets injured too often-