Trading for a QB help! I have Cam

I was offered Matt Ryan Cooper Kupp and OJ Howard for Andrews and Hopkins

I decided to decline it because I felt giving up Hopkins was too much to give in the trade. I was looking into offering Watkins and potentially another WR Scary Terry/Diggs or RB like Miles Sanders to the Mahomes owner but for his back up Dak and maybe another player off his bench?

Am I crazy for declining? Should I go for Dak or go for another QB like Kyler Murray or Rivers? Pls help!!!

Not crazy … what QBs are left in FA … can you stream?

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I’m gonna use Stafford this week but I dont see him as a good option. I was looking to unload some of my players to maybe trade for a better QB since Cam is injured.

RBs are Carson Chubb Fournette Sanders and Hunt
WRs are Hopkins Watkins Diggs Gordon MeCole and Scary Terry

Do you think I should get rid of some players and try getting another QB?

Really glad you didn’t give up Hopkins! You may want to focus on your WRs. See if the Lizard King or Hardman have a good game and then work to upgrade maybe with Sanders. Unless you can get Mahomes or Jackson, I’d keep streaming. Hopefully AB gone is goodness for Gordon.

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I don’t think I can get either, the Mahomes owner hates trading and he has Dak also so I doubt that happens, I’m looking to maybe get Murray Rodgers or Josh Allen
Both teams who have those QBs are weak at RB and the owner of Murray and Rodgers is missing Hill rn so a bit weak at WR

Bumping this up for help

Sucks … cause Dak would be good, too.

In one of my leagues, the Jackson owner (had Mahomes), traded Jackson and Thielen for Hopkins. You are strong enough at RB that maybe you can trade Chubb (or other) for a QB and a WR2 (or RB2) in a similar fashion?

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Would you do Chubb for Ryan and Connor?

Are you offering or did you get that offer? That’s certainly reasonable for you as it is just a slight downgrade at RB to get a QB1.

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I’d be offering Chubb for Ryan and Connor but he’s been trying to take Hopkins he offered me again Ryan Cooper and Connor for Chubb and Hopkins

Nope. Stream.

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What about Diggs for Murray? Since I’m deep at WR and I feel like Murray will get a bit more comfortable and play even better soon

Sorry - went offline for a day trip. I’d be happy to give you Murray for Diggs (assuming I had another decent QB). Given your WR depth it is okay, but I would try Mecole, Scary, then Gordon (in that order), first.

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lol wtf do not do that trade with hopkins involved…HELL NO.

whats on the wavier wire?

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Don’t panick over QBs. If A. Dalton is on waivers snag him. Stafford should be ok as a streamer for a few weeks.

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Dalton, both of the new starting QBs Rudolph Jones and Brissett were the top ones

I was thinking of getting Dalton starting for next week if I can’t get Murray

I’m just looking to get rid of Diggs lol his other QB is Rodgers

He is also a bit weak at RB I was thinking of giving Chubb/Carson/Fournette and Gordon/Diggs for Kamara and Murray

Am I looking to get too much like the trade is lob sided? And do u think it’s a good idea or just stick with my RBs and give a 1 for 1 for Murray