Trading for a RB2

In a Half PPR league, I have Aaron Jones as my RB1, but due to injuries, I need a RB2 (currently playing Cordarrelle Patterson, but wonder if his production can continue).

I’ve been proposed two trades that would help my RB2 situation, but wonder about giving up too much.

Trade Offer #1
I GET: James Robinson & Mike Williams

I GIVE UP: Deebo Samuel

Trade Offer #2
I GET: James Robinson, Mike Williams, & Marvin Jones Jr.

I GIVE UP: Dalton Schultz, Ja’Marr Chase, & Diontae Johnson

Also on my roster:
Stefon Diggs
Allen Robinson
Tyler Higbee
Cordarrelle Patterson


Who are your other RBs? That’s necessary info. Is it just Jones and Patterson? If so, then yes to #1. I wouldn’t do #2 personally

I also have Tony Pollard and Elijah Mitchell. I started the season by losing both Gus Edwards and Raheem Mostert to injury. :cry:

In one of my leagues I left the draft with CMC, Monty, Mostert and Gus so I get it. Do trade #1

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Oof, man that’s rough.

Thanks for your help!

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