Trading for a starting WR

My 4-4 team is in shambles. I lost Kittle, just 3 days after trading away Fant for Tannehill and Dobbins. My receivers are extremely weak with Moore, Diontae, Deebo and Mike Williams. My RBs are Clyde, Zeke, David Johnson, Gibson, Dobbins, Hasty, and Jamaal Williams. Waivers are extremely thin (Mooney, Lazard, Pittman?)

There’s a RB needy team that has both Hopkins and Lockett. Would Clyde and Zeke be too much of an overpayment to receive Miles Sanders and Lockett? I’m going to try for Hopkins first, but chances are he won’t give him up.

Unfortunately I think that’s what its going to take but that leaves you pretty thin at RB. Id maybe try Zeke and Gibson or Dobbins first for Hopkins.