Trading for a tight end

Thoughts on offering Burton and John Brown for either Gronk, Kittle or Olsen

I wouldn’t buy Gronk.

Olsen is going to be much cheaper than Kittle, and I’d prefer him to Burton. It’s going to be tough given the recent performances from both Brown and Burton, but it could possibly be done if they’re hurting at WR.


I can also drop Brown or Burton for Doyle

Brown and Burton for Kittle.
I own kittle and olsen, and olsen is definetely a better red-zone target, but kittle gets volume. I would rather have him than olsen, and am actually looking at dealing olsen in my league

Would you sell Kittle for Brown and Burton though?? That seems like a lowball imo.

drop brown and grab doyle, he’s getting most of the TE targets and Lamar Jackson has torpedoed John Brown’s value

I was just able to trade Burton for Kittle straight up

Well here’s hoping your league aren’t a bunch of sad sacks and veto it.
You win big on that one. especially if youre in ppr