Trading for AB

If the man plays. I definitely want the chance to get him. Would you offer Coleman and Watkins for AB? Would still have Kamara, Gurley and Sony at RB and Evans, Lockett, Dede and Miller at WR

Yes I would. I think theres a chance he retires or sits out for year; but, that is a calculated risk because if he signs anywhere it’ll be a step up, fantasy wise, from Oakland. Oakland has a tough defensive division, an average at best QB, a willingness to run the ball, and capable options at WR. No matter where he goes, he’ll be improving in at least one of those categories (QB, better offense, less competition for targets, better team, worse division, etc). I think he’s worth the lottery ticket

AB signed with the Pats… Does this now improve Gordon’s value?

10 team shallow bench 1/2 PPR, points for first downs, rush attempts, and bonus plays.

Mark Ingram, Carson, Hill, Latavious, DukeJ Jackson RB’s

Nuk, Tyreek Hill, Dede are WR’s.

AB owner only has D. Henry, T. Coleman, D. Henderson for his RB’s…

Should I try Duke, Carson, or Ingram + DEDE for AB?

@MikeMeUpp @Caveman45

AB signing with pats doesn’t improve Gordons value. I’d say he takes a hit given volume will move towards AB>

I would not be moving Carson personally. Seattle has shown you their game plan and it involves feeding the beast. Either of the other 2 + DeDe for AB I’d be fine with.

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