Trading for Adams

Looking to make a move on Devante Adams. I’m am looking to include AJ Brown and one more piece. Would you send Gallup or Chark? 10 team league standard scoring.

Depends on your roster breakdown dude! Chark is higher value than Gallup but I think Gallup might be more consistent this year. On the other side of things without knowing rosters though, I don’t think I’d trade away Adams for Brown and Gallup but Adams for Brown and Chark would make me think


I just got Henry in a trade which is the only reason I’m looking to trade Brown. My roster is below:

Qb: Mahomes
Rb: Henry
Rb: sanders
Rb: Zach moss
Rb: Coleman
Wr: Julio
Wr: Chark
Wr: aj brown
Wr: Gallup
Wr: Golden Tate
Wr: crowder
TE: Engram

His is

Qb: Watson
Rb: gurley
Rb: kamara
Rb: Mostert
Rb: Henderson
Rb: swift
Rb : Thompson
Wr: Adams
Wr: Robinson
Wr: Edelman
Wr: Kirk
Te: Kelce
Te gronk

Was also maybe considering sending Engram and AJ brown for Kelce to pair with Mahomes.

I would have a hard time considering Kelce for Engram and Brown if that was sent my way.

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Your roster looks pretty great I’d say. Yea there’s no way I’d take that trade for Kelce from the Kelce point of view. Looking at your roster though, I think I’d be willing to trade two very good WRs that are potentially borderline WR1 or definitely WR2s in exchange for Adams, a top 3 WR since you have pretty good WR depth. Some risk on your side because depth is even better this year, but it’s all about how you want to construct your roster

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