Trading for Barkley - Ideas

Barkley owner is looking for RB help. I have CMC, Mixon, Mack, & Barber as RB options and am weak at WR (Diggs & TY Hilton are Starters).

Offerred… Mack, Barber, & A. Robinson for Barkley and C. Kupp. Thoughts? Trying to find a deal that helps us both and don’t want to be lopsided.

If those are your only 4 RBs – CMC and Mixon are good, but until maybe right after the NYG bye week those will be your only 2 options at RB, and if Mixon goes down again behind that suspect line before then, you’ll be scrambling for a replacement that will likely be nowhere near the level of the others.

I know you’re weak at WR but is there someone else you could offer instead of one of the backs? I might give up one of them but not both.

Yeah I hear ya. The Barkley owner said hes not interested in Mixon. Full Roster is below.

QB: Prescott
RB: CMC, Mixon, Mack, Barber, Lewis (Drop candidate)
WR: Diggs, Hilton, Alshon Jeffrey, A. Robinson, D. Cain, M. Sanu,
TE: D. Walker, C. Herndon

Totally understand not wanting to be lopsided, which is why between the two I would give him Mack over Barber.

I know the Jets’ QB situation stinks right now, but Herndon is due back from suspension soon and he’s supposed to be one of the better TEs – not Kelce/Kittle level, of course, but still on the better side. You think he’ll take one of the TEs in place of Barber?


His offer is:

Barkley and Kupp for CMC. Seems risky cause I’d be leaning on Mixon and Mack until Saquon comes back. And CMCs been more productive. Not a bad trade but feels risky.

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What about Mack or Mixon for Kupp straight up?

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You mentioned he’s not interested in Mixon so it would be Mack I reckon. If he’d do Mack for Kupp straight up, if it were me, that one I’d do. You wouldn’t be giving up too much at RB and your WRs would be stronger.