Trading for Bell - do you trust AP?

Have a potential deal on the table with me acquiring Bell, AP, and Rudolph or possibly Kittle, sending Fournette and JuJu back to him. I already roster Barkley and Conner, so AP would be my RB3, but I am not sure I trust him to stay healthy all season. Also need TE help after last week.


I would want Kittle over Rudolph personally after what we saw in week 1, then again it is only week 1.

I trust AP will be great until he breaks down, I have him in a 12 team PPR, and plan to utilize him until hopefully week 7-9 when that body starts to break down from the heavy workload.

Thanks, I agree with your points pretty much across the board. Which leads me to the concern with AP heading down the stetch.

Do you think Fournette/Juju is too much to give up with the risk of AP breaking down and the Bell drama?

See if you can do Fournette for Bell and Kittle.

Fournette has been getting hurt since college so I dont mind parting ways with him to aquire Bell and Kittle. I would be hesitant to give up Juju in that move as I love the guy and think hes a beast with a monster talent set and will continue to deliver consistent production.