Trading for big ben, who to offer?

I’m trying to get big ben, me and my buddy talked about either chubb or cook 1 for 1 which one is better to trade away. I have diggs and am not a huge fan of having 2 players on the same team so this makes me lean towards trying to move cook but he has a good playoff schedule and no bye week. Who should i try to offer up first full ppr.

I have a hard time approving either. Is there really no trubisky or fitzpatrick on your waiver wire? Who is your QB?

Or go for someone else… do not go for a player who just had the best game he will have all season. You’re buying at an inflated value.

I have fitzpatrick right now but i can’t stand starting him. I have cmc and m gordon at rb plus aaron jones on my bench. It’s not like i can start all of them every week. I want a qb i can count on for the playoffs, not some guy who might get benched at halftime, to me it’s worth either one to have the ease of mind of ben over fitzpatrick.

Think Rbins40 is saying that if you try to trade for Ben right now, you’re going to have to pay way over the value that he’s actually worth. Ben Roth is looking pretty good so far but seeing some notable schedule games that you’ll have to watch for is the next three which are Jacksonville/Denver/Chargers(specially two of them being road games). If you’re willing to trade Chubb/Cook + Diggs, you can target a more consistent/higher upside QB’s like Wilson, Geoff, Watson or even Matt Ryan depending what the other owner needs. But if you absolutely trust big Ben and you must have him, then I like giving Chubb for Ben as both of them had big games last week and Chubb will be on BYE this week and Cook will be coming back.