Trading for Brady?

Looking to upgrade my QB position. Extremely deep league with 2qb starts. My team is looking like this right now:

Qb: Bradford, dalton, luck
Rb: bell, gore, white, Hyde shady
Wr: martavis, green, jordy, ginn, Parker
Te: graham, gronk, Ertz

The guy who has Brady really wants Ertz, should I trade him with another piece for Brady? If so who do you recommend? Or should I just hold with the QBs And the team I have going?

You have Gronk so I would deff do it. Maybe Ertz and Ginn for Brady or Ertz and gore/white… i would hesitate to trade away hyde or parker in that trade.

Originally he asked for ertz and bell for Brady and a receiver, so I’m hoping that I can lower that second player and go after just Brady. No way I’m giving up bell and like you I wouldn’t what to lose Hyde either

You’re gonna have to give up something reasonable to get Brady. Ertz & Ginn won’t do it (if he’ll take that jump on that now). You have an RB to spare so you could start with an offer like Ertz/Gore for Brady but I still don’t think that’s enough and might have to bump it up to Ertz/Hyde to get Brady. With Luck getting closer to coming back if you could get Brady for Ertz & Hyde I’d do it.