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Trading for Brown/Ajayi/Brady


So one guy in my league is super tilting after he lost yesterday. He is taking offers for anyone in his team in order to rejuvenate. His players I’m interested in are brown Brady and ajayi. Obviously they all come at a different price but who do should I make my move for/package for??

I have a streaming QB, DST and kicker. hunt, Montgomery Freeman martin at rb Fitzgerald Cooper martavius Bryant Mike Evans Baldwin and theilen as wr and gronk and graham as tight end.
0.5PPR 8man league. Thanks


The rest of his team is
Cj anderson, ajayi gurley l.murray gillislee crowell
Tate brown garcon jackson


Was looking at packaging Evans graham and Fitzgerald for brown and ajayi. What you think?


He wont take that trade but you can always try it. Just remember sending some bad trades can make people not want to trade with you. I think you would have to add Gronk in a mix for Brown. I wouldn’t go for Ajayi something about him this year seems off.