Trading for bye week

Twas the night before Halloween…

Saquon, Chris Carson, and Aaron Jones - the backbone of my team - are all on week 11 byes.

I am 4-4 and need wins. That week i play the #1 team, who is also #1 in PF with 1090.5 points (I am #2 with 931.5 points…His NE defense makes up for most of that spread [ahem, cake schedule]) but i digress.

I currently have 3 QBs rostered (long story)…Brees, Stafford, and Josh Allen. I am hoping to trade one for an RB, maybe even 2 RBs. My backup RBs right now are Guice and Mattison…not good.

I offered Josh Allen to a team with 1 QB rostered (Wentz)…i asked for Devonta Freeman. He countered, offering Freeman for my Matthew Stafford…but I can’t give up my starter this week. I rejected and kept the Allen/Freeman offer open…he has not responded.

Obviously My QB3 for Devonta Freeman is a great trade for me…probably too good. He’ll likely reject it, and then I need to decide whether to trade a top 10 QB for an RB who i will only use for 1 week if my team remains healthy.

He is stacked at RB with Fournette, Bell, Mack, Freeman, and Mixon. If he wants Stafford, I’m thinking i need either Mack or Bell. Or Brees for Mack or Bell, and roll with Stafford and Allen ROS? Or, maybe i try to land Freeman and Mixon for Stafford? That way i have 1 viable starter and one shot in the dark on Mixon for Week 11?

Or, am i overthinking it and i should really just plan for an L week 11. Try to get something for Josh Allen, but otherwise stand put. Every other week is winnable, and i can still make the playoffs with a week 11 L…

Thoughts appreciated.

RB is more valuable than a QB. I don’t think you’ll get Bell for Mack for Brees unless he’s desperate. Freeman isn’t bad been better lately but I’d still try to stay away from mixon. I think you’re going to take the L week 11 if you don’t give up one of yours on bye to get someone that’s passed.

He took Josh Allen and i got Devonta Freeman. Big W for my squad.