Trading for CMC for 2021

I was in rebuild mode this past year, and loaded up on rookie WR’s I loved, and happened to get lucky and hit on just about all of them. I’m set up to make a huge push next year with how deep I am at WR, and if Swift and Miles Sanders take a step forward. All that said how many years do you all think CMC has left, and how much should I be throwing in with my 2 first round picks.

I think CMC could still be good for another 2-3 seasons. Definitely still gonna dominate next year. As for what to throw in with your first two picks, I feel like it depends on those rookies you picked up. Jefferson and Ceedee would be too much imo, but I feel like throwing in raegor, aiyuukkeeennnnn, or maybe even juedy could be good to sweeten the pot.

If you have some other guys though closer to the end of their career that are still solid options you should do that. I would be thinking guys like maybe allen robinson, lockett (if anyone would even do that), thielen, evans, woods, boyd, or keenan allen. Again, it depends on your roster and your wr depth but some things to consider. Best of luck.