Trading for Cooper... Should I?

Would you guys do C. Davis for cooper? Even doe Davis had 12 targets and walker is out for the season?

Davis > Cooper all day

I would take cooper over davis.

Davis’ hamstring is acting up again and mariota isn’t healthy. When Mariota is not healthy, he’s awful. No way around it. And I don’t want any part of a gabbert led titans offense.

I think this week, and next week (after denver game) is the cheapest you will be able to acquire Cooper. I watched the film and I can tell you this. The issue was not cooper. It was Carr not targetting cooper. Cooper was wide open on a couple of routes where he beat Talib pretty handedly and would’ve taken it to the house. Gruden has come out and said it. Let’s just hope they fix it.

Cooper has never really become what everyone hypes him up to be every year… in fact, the team has so much faith in their WR corps that they picked up Martavis Bryant after having dropped him in preseason… Cooper is talented but I’m always waiting for him to explode. If he does, it’s going to be this season but Davis is already glowing. Be on the look out for injury reports concerning Marcus Mariota though… banged up his elbow last game and him missing any time would surely effect Davis’ fantasy value.

And Davis has? I’m a huge davis believer. I actually own him in dynasty every where.

The picked up Bryant because they want to use him as a distraction field stretcher down the field. And honestly, they need WR depth anyway. Aside from Cooper and Jordy, their next guy was seth roberts. It’s just smart business to pick up Bryant.

Cooper put up 2k yards in the NFL before the age of 22. There are maybe 3-4 players in the history of the NFL that have done that. He’s 25. Now I don’t think he is this generational player that people made him out to be, but he is an elite athlete, a great route runner, and a very, very good receiver.

I like how you use the argument that Cooper hasn’t lived up the hype but Davis who has hamstring issues again also with a bad QB is somehow going to just magically buck that trend right now. I love Davis in dynasty, just don’t like what I’m seeing right now from Tennessee to love him in redraft.

I appreciate the input guys. I have sent the trade offer… If accepts it great if he does not Ill be happy holding on to davis!

This is Davis’ second year… so I’m willing to forgive Davis’ first year in which he was injured for half of over Cooper who has been in the league since 2015.

And in those 3 years cooper has been in the league, he’s put up 2 x 1K yard seasons? Played with injury all of last year so that’s not forgivable? Makes sense.