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Trading for Cousins


I’m 2-3 in a 12-team full point PPR and am getting killed at the QB position. My best streamer this week and last week has been Jacoby Brisket. I’ve worked out two offers for Kirk Cousins and wanted to get some feedback on them. Appreciate it!

  • Pierre Garcon + Alvin Kamara for Cousins
  • Stefon Diggs for Cousins + Demarco Murray

My starting roster currently looks like:

QB: Jacoby Brisket
RB1: Kareem Hunt
RB2: LeSean McCoy / Alvin Kamara
WR1: Michael Thomas
WR2: Michael Crabtree
TE: Zach Ertz
Flex: Stefon Diggs / Pierre Garcon

My depth is thin behind Garcon and Kamara.


Is Cousins your only viable target? If so, I’d do the one where you send Diggs. You get your starting qb plus a good flier in DeMarco, and only losing a wr who could be hit and miss the rest of the season


He seems to be the best target. I have another offer on the table sending Kamara for Derek Carr, but Cousins is obviously better than Carr in fantasy.


Yeah, definitely would rather have cousins


Who are you going to start this week at RB2 if you trade Kamara?


That’s my issue with shipping off Kamara. My next guys up would be Tarik Cohen (unreliable) and Rob Kelley (injured). I’d likely have to pick up Elijah McGuire and hope for the best.


I wouldn’t do it then…feel like it’s too much of a downgrade there