Trading for Ertz, but it's messy. Help?

10 team PPR, redraft. Working on a trade to aquire Ertz, but it’s messy. As of now my offer has me giving up:



Alfred Morris (week handcuff for Breida)

Geronimo Allison

and in return I get

Ertz (2 filler players I’d cut, so 3 open roster spots)

He’s considering, but I’m thinking if I just changed my offer to Burton and Josh Gordon for Ertz he would accept. Is that too much to give up if it comes to that? I am tantalized by Josh’s potential.

Here’s the rest of my roster:

QB: Patrick Mahomes

RB: Sony Michel

RB: Alfred Morris (hopefully just this week, didn’t cost me anything)

WR: Davante Adams

WR: Juju Smith-Schuster

TE: Trey Burton

W/R/T: Josh Gordon

DEF: Houston (stream)

K: Justin Tucker

BN: Jared Goff

BN: Mike Williams

BN: Geronimo Allison

BN: Ronald Jones

BN: Matt Breida

BN: Leonard Fournette

Gordon and Boo Boo hit the road. Get Ertz, Flex your SF RB’s until Fournette back. Boo Boo and Gordon are boom or bust guys so take the sure thing in Ertz. You raise the floor for your team and Ertz is huge at a weak position.

Doesn’t just part of you get the feeling that Gordon could just be a massive beast once he’s fully entrenched though. Like, there is no reason for Hogan and Dorsett to keep seeing targets once Gordon has his bearings

Gordon may have a game here and there. But he isn’t Moss. They have so many mouths to feed. Do you think Gordon will be a consistent performer? That’s what it comes down to in fantasy. The higher you can make your floor the better your team is. Leave the powder kegs for others.

Burton hasn’t been anything close to reliable. I would take that trade all day. Gordon insn’t playing anywhere near enough snaps to even get starting consideration in the flex. As a pats fan, i love Gordon. But from a fantasy perspective, he’s nothing more than a bench stash for at least a few weeks. Give me the locked in top 3 TE in this barren landscape all day.

As of right now, Ertz is WR15. You basically play a high end WR2 in your TE slot. That is a huge advantage. If he takes Gordon + Burton, i’d jump on it rather than sit on wishful thinking.

That’s one analysis I don’t really care for, tbh. Looking at the snaps that a new player played in a previous week is not productive, IMO, for the week coming. I have no reason to think that Gordon’s snaps won’t continue to increase with another week+ (they have a long week now, remember) in the system, and a huge play that Brady admitted earned a lot of his trust.

Edelman and White vulture a big share. And that’s not counting for Gronk. Plus they’re actually good on the run now with Michel. Just a lot has to go right to get the reward from Gordon. Ertz is the lock, you’re essentially hoping the others do what Ertz is doing already week in and week out.

Sure if you don’t care about snap counts, then hang on to the “what could be” with gordon rather than the “what is” with Ertz. Fact of the matter is, Gordon plays less than 25% of the snaps through 2 weeks. Zero improvement. If he went from 25% to like 50% or even 40%, would be encouraging. But fact is, patriots offense is a very complicated scheme to learn. A lot of over/under concepts. Right now, they are just putting gordon out there and telling him to go deep. Patriots offense probably one of the hardest to learn in the NFL. Not something you can just walk into and all of a sudden compete. I’m glad we got gordon. I think he’ll be a beast next season or even in the tail end of this season. But he’s not going to be an impact player for at least a few weeks.

Ertz is an impact player right now. TE1 and WR15. On a PPG basis, he is outscoring JJ. You’re basically getting kenny G production in your TE slot.

I would be shocked if Gordon finished above WR15 for ROS. The point contribution to your team made by ertz and not having to worry about streaming TEs, is pretty invaluable.

Talk is cheap. A reporter asked brady about gordon what do you expect him to say? Oh it was just a luck play and i don’t trust him yet. Obviously he’s going to say he trusts him. Also, brady doesn’t make personnel decisions. McDaniels does. Josh can’t produce if he’s not on the field.

It’s your team, do what you want. But you asked for opinions. And i’m just telling you mine. That’s a great deal for you and I’d jump on it. Dont be a sucker who hangs on to the promise of production rather than just taking the elite production in front of you. Gordon is a lottery. Could he win some people championships? Sure, he’s talented AF. But Ertz is a producer today. Guaranteed, locked and loaded.

OK, but the difference is that Burton is not a streamer. And I obviously appreciate the input. But if there’s a place I disagree or feel like I should engage I’m going to step in!

The main thing here, is it’s PPR. That is why Ertz at TE is of greater value than the others. Standard the gap isn’t as huge, but when PPR comes in to play, snaps greatly effect the chance at catches. Ertz would be a huge add for your team in that format. If I was playing you, I saw Gordon and Burton in your line up, I’d be like there’s a chance at a couple of goose eggs. I see Ertz with Adams and JuJu in PPR, I’m hoping my guys don’t have off days because I’d be screwed. That’s how I’m looking at it anyways. The floor for points raise having Ertz at a position most teams won’t be able to match.

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Great point

That’s probably our disconnect then. I don’t view Burton as an every week starter. TEs i’d rather have than Burton: Kelce, Ertz, Gronk (obviously), Kittle, Ebron/Doyle, Engram, Rudolph.

Don’t view him as an every week starter for sure. I think he’s matchup based.

His value is just inflated cause the ballers obsessed over him for an entire offseason and came up with a catchy nick name.