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Trading for Ertz?


Need some Advice on a trade. Should I trade Carson Wentz and Jimmy Graham for Zach ertz? My other QBs are Russell wilson and Luck, I know Wilson is inconsistent and has a tough schedule coming up and don’t know what to think of Graham. Any thoughts or advice?


Bump please… is it worth it??


Yes, I would deff do it. Wilson will be a top 5 QB and you have luck for when he returns in a few weeks. Ertz is a top 3 TE. TE are very hard to find this year… I would deff do it.


Thank you for the input! Do you have any thoughts that Jimmy Graham out performs him the rest of the way, or breaks out since SEA doesn’t have a run game with Carson going down? And does Wilson’s schedule scare you off at all? Sorry for so many questions, just having a hard time and hoping if I do this it wont bite me in the a$$


Well, I dont think Wentz will be nearly as good as Wilson this year. Wilson schedule is not scary to me at all… I think he will easily be top 5 QB this year. Jimmy Graham will not come close to what Ertz will do this year. Grahams target might slightly go up due to the injury but nothing that will make him better than Ertz. You can count on Ertz giving you an avg of 13 points every week, that is amazing for TE.

FYI i own Reed i wish i picked Ertz instead.


Lol to the comment about Reed, I had him too and fortunately packaged him and Cousins to a guy who needed a QB and TE for Mike Evans. That was a steal. But do your same feelings towards Ertz apply to standard scoring and not ppr? I’m in a standard scoring ten team league


Whenever you can get Ertz do it. There’s basically Ertz and Gronk and then you’re chucking darts after that.


I’m really thinking I’m going to make the trade. Hoping I can also get Watson off waivers tomorrow for Wilsons bye week but I’m 9/10 in priority :pensive:


Do it. You won’t regret it