Trading for Evans (half ppr)

Got hit up, guy wants Gaskin. I kind of want/need him for depth at rb but you think it’s worth it to package and trade up for Evans?

My squad
Jacobs, sanders, singletary, Peterson, Gaskin
Woods, dj Moore, DK, Marvin Jones, nkeal, lazard

His squad
McCaffrey, Mike Davis, swift, Phillip Lindsay
Mike Evans, Hollywood, shenault, Mike Williams, jeudy, Larry fitz
Ertz, goedert

Bumps for feedback.

Half ppr, Gaskin put up 12 last night.

Unless the other owner is a halfwit, the difference between Miles Gaskin and Mike Evans is vast.

What is your starting lineup requirement in this league?

I would see what trade offer Evans owner is looking for. You need at depth RB and some WR depth.

Gaskin is a (very) low RB2/high RB3 at best. He does see volume, however, Howard is a major vulture for red zone rush TDs and passing work in the red zone goes to Gesicki/Parker/Williams.

Just remember, sacrificing a lot of starters/depth for a potential #1 is just as harmful to your team.

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