Trading for fournette

Is Jordy nelson and a RB like white or gore a decent offer for fournette?

Im a Fournette owner and I wouldn’t accept that. Injury ridden/prine WR and a RB I’m maybe going to play once or twice. Honestly AB or LeVeon are the only offers id even consider for Fournette

You wouldn’t consider Hunt?

Le’Veon is the only player I’d accept for Fournette.

I think you’d have to consider Hunt +

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that true I didn’t think about him, yea I would consider Hunt

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Own hunt lev and fornette on same team drafted them all. I’ve fielded offers for fornette and seen AJ green Hopkins and Julio turned them All down.

Even though my WRs are Larry Fitz and D Thomas I just can’t let go of a stud workhorse RB like Fornette. I’m undefeated and think I’m going to ride my team out as is all year

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