Trading for Gurley in dynasty

We’ve just had our start up dynasty draft, and the Gurley owner seems a bit nervous to me. I’m thinking I may be able to get him fairly cheaply. What do you guys think would get it over the line?

We have deep rosters, but realistic players I could trade away without massively hurting my team are as follows:

Royce Freeman

As you can see, I’m fairly weak at RB so would ideally like to keep Cook. The Gurley owner has devontae Adams so I was thinking maybe Geronimo, Penny and a 2020 first round pick?

Is that too much or too little? I’m pretty deep at WR so could potentially offer Golladay instead of Allison? Thanks everyone.

I think if I had Gurley, I’d pass at that price and just see what happens. You can certainly start there and see what happens but, as much as the hype train on Allison has started the sample is pretty small. Penny isn’t a lead back (yet). Kenny G and a 1st is probably technically a better offer , starting point but even there, if I had Gurley I’d hold. It’s just a weird spot with Gurley being held out until what sounds like week 1.

Yeah, I ended up taking a few fliers at RB with the hope they’d become relevant (Guice, Penny and Royce) so I’m in a bit of a weak position to trade at the moment. Maybe I should stay away from Gurley anyway - I already passed on him in the first (he went 1.11 eventually). Looks like Gurley owners are going to be super stressed for months!

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You’d have to offer Cook to make this even remotely close. Cook has his questions as well. The coaching staff for LAR came out and said they will be in a time share next season, so that helps you out if you are still wanting Gurley. Gurley is a talented player, but I’d keep Cook over Gurley in dynasty. Also, if he has Adams, he won’t want Allison most likely and you won’t get Adams in trade.

If you wanted to keep Cook, the only offer that may be able to get it done would be Penny/Golladay for Gurley. Maybe Guice instead of Penny, depends how much he likes either of them. But I don’t see that trade happening.

Thanks for the reply mate. I think on balance I agree with you, plus Gurley is a headache I could do without in the long run. Was just seeing if it was possible to get him cheap and if anyone had pulled something like that off.

Lmao cmon man. I think in your head you know its too little. If you were a gurley owner would you give him up for a bunch of rags and a pick? I’d laugh that offer out of the building. Maybe it’s just me but in my experience, I’ve found low balling people is not a good way to get trades done. Lead with something reasonable that you would actually consider. That gets their beak wet and you can negotiate from there. Nothing makes me want to trade with someone less then getting some garbage offer. Quick way to get yourself removed from trading list.

I don’t think you can get gurley with that rag tag squad of people. Honestly I would need at least cook back. And I would much rather have Gurley than cook. Both have injury history except gurley’s ceiling is way higher than cooks if he plays. I’d take 75% of gurley over 100% of cook.

If you want to start with something to wet their beak, could try Golladay + Penny + 2020 1st. Even that’s too low but at least it’s not insulting to the point to get you laughed out of the building immediately.

Haha, you’re not the Gurley owner in my league are you? Calm down mate.

The whole point of my post was to see if I could get someone with a potentially arthritic, finished knee for at least one season in a dynasty format for a low price. I honestly don’t think he has much long term value, and there’s no way I’d be offering any of my elite talent (Hopkins, Allen, Ertz,) for what essentially is looking like a crock.

Thanks for the reply though.

If someone was willing to take Ertz or Allen for Gurley, i would jump on that like white on rice. If you’re looking for more than 2-3 years out of your RB, you’re doing dynasty wrong. And gurley when he plays, is the RB1 scoring 27ppg which is absurd. Its a risk sure but at that price, risk is baked in. If you’re playing to win a league, you take those risks.

No I’m not your gurley owner. Unfortunately I can’t read minds. I am just trying to give you insight into general thought consensus or gurley owners based on ADP. So this just isn’t my opinion. It’s what masses think. If you can read your gurley owners mind, then why even post here asking? If you can rip someone off, sure go do it. Don’t think you need people here to help you justify that. YOu asked if the offer was a fair one in your post. And as I alluded to above, it’s not and its way too little.

The days of Gurley being a 16 game bell cow are over… that knee injury isn’t going to go away, and the Rams have shown that they’re at least hedging their bets by going up to get Henderson (a guy I’d be heavily invested in come draft day btw).

I’d stand pat myself.


As an aside, I’m not suggesting I wouldn’t take Gurley on my team under any circumstances, I just agree that I believe the cost to obtain Gurley would be more than I’d be willing to pay.

Thanks for speaking on behalf of the masses, mate. I’ll be sure to think very carefully before posting such a derisory hypothetical on a fantasy football forum in future.

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Yeah, I think that’s it unfortunately. He’s still a huge name but won’t be worth the price. Maybe a few months of scare stories and he’ll become available on the cheap!

You don’t have the ammo in that list for Gurley my friend, and you know it…

If I’m the Gurley owner (which I am in two of my own leagues), I’d instant-reject Penny/Allison/2020 R1 for Gurley and likely not even reply back, because it doesn’t look like you’re serious… from that list… I’d be looking at Cook/Golladay just to consider it a reasonable offer that I wouldn’t accept…

You’re well aware that you’re trying to lowball… maybe Gurley ends up not playing a down this year, but I’m not trading away the past two years runaway positional PPG leader for peanuts because of vague injury concern… especially in dynasty… I saw one person trade Gurley last season in my dynasty leagues and it was for R1P1 (Saquan Barkley).

…But if you “don’t think he’s worth much” then whyTF are you trying to trade for him? Of course he’s worth much… he’s the #1 positional PPG scorer the past two seasons :shushing_face:

Guys, as he said in the original post, the Gurley owner in his league is “nervous” which means he may be able to get him on a low-ball offer. This is what he’s asking. I know Gurley owners on here won’t give him up for nothing less than a top10 guy, and he has had ridiculous numbers the last two seasons, but this Gurley owner doesn’t feel the same way apparently. You have to look at the future in dynasty as well. You can’t honestly tell me that you think Gurley is going to maintain the production he has had the last two season. They spent a high pick on a RB and he’s not even playing yet. McVay said they are lightening his load and will be in a shared backfield situation and doctors have stated the arthritic knee is going to have long term affects to his career. None of this points in the direction of him putting up 20+ TDs in a season again.

This is exactly what I was trying to say. Thanks man. I just thought a low offer would get him discussing things at least.

I totally get the Saquon trade from last year, because it’s from last year. We are potentially talking about a guy who may never be anywhere near the level he’s been ever again. So I was wondering whether someone who doesn’t want the headache would consider trading for maybe an inferior (but long term) prospect to just get rid of the problem.

Touched a few nerves obviously - Gurley owners are rattled!

To be fair, I was a Gurley owner last season and I feel this way about him now. Carried me all season then lost me the championship because of his knee and CJ Anderson joining the team.

How did you not have CJ Anderson immediately as the Gurley owner?

I didn’t intend to come off condescending… It does irritate me when people try to trade for elite players while at the same time telling me how they aren’t worth anything (for whatever reason… usually injury or uncertainty–which is what this is). If he’s not 100% ever again and gets a lessor workload he’s probably still a RB1… if he’s fine and all this is coachspeak hogwash, he’s the clear-cut #1 player in fantasy… it’s extremely unlikely that he’s not going to play while he’s got a 35 million dead cap hit from his contract.

What’s most likely? His role gets reduced and he’s still a TD monster RB1

I think (while tactless in some cases) we were just trying to give you a broader opinion of what we thought it would take to get the deal done. I don’t hate the idea of gambling on Gurley; there’s a chance you get burned but if he’s even 75% of what he was last year he’s still a top 5 player.

Even if I was skittish as a Gurley owner, I’d want more - that’s all.

All signs are pointing to Gurley being TD dependent to maintain his top tier production. He was having knee inflammation issues last season and that’s when they signed CJ, well he’s still having those same issues along with arthritis now and they drafted Henderson in the 3rd round and matched Brown’s offer from DET.

Gurley is only 24 and they have a lot of money invested into him. They won’t want to run him into the ground and have him too beat up for the playoffs again. They want to win championships more than seeing Gurley as the RB1 in fantasy football.

That’s cool and all but none of us on here are mindreaders. If we were, we’d all be rich. Whats the point of coming on here and asking if a lowball offer is something he should make? Obviously if someone takes it, 100/100 of us would jump on that offer. Doesn’t even take half a brain to realize that. And when people give feedback that it’s a lowball offer, the guy gets all defensive. If you’re on here to try and get us to help you justify why your lowball offer is remotely a good one, you’re looking at the wrong place.

I agree with you he won’t be the monster he was before. But he isn’t being valued as such either. Currently he’s going into the mid-late 2nd round. And at that spot, I dare you find me someone with higher upside. My favorite analyst Scott Barrett has a thread going on with JJ Zach from Number fire where looks at what gurley’s statistical drop off would have to be to warrant his drop to RB10. In order to justify his current RB10 price, he would have to be at a 55%/45% split with Henderson assuming his historical 2 year production. Based on the offer the op alluded to above, gurley would basically have to be retired to have that trade make sense. Even if gurley operates at a 70/30 or 65/35 split, given his talent, the rams offense, and the end zone opportunties he gets, he’s still worth twice as much as the heap of junk op is suggesting tossing at gurley. EVEN at a 55%/45% split, that’s worth more than the package Op is recommending.

That doesn’t even account for the fact that this entire thing could be completely overblown and Gurley continues to be that 80% back (down from his 90%) usage. And as far as RBs go, if you’re looking for more than 2-3 years of prime production, you’re doing it wrong. If I can get gurely at a 2nd round startup price and have him give me 75% of his historical production for the next 2 years, I am laughing to the bank. If he even helps me win one ship, that would be worth giving up someone like Cook or Golladay + farm of picks.

Like if you’re just coming on line looking for people to give you false comfort on how your lowball offer is a fair one and should be accepted and get offended when people tell you it’s a lowball, then don’t post it lol.

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