Trading for Ingram

Made it back in the playoff hunt, need an RB (currently have Darkwing Duck, L. Murray, Anderson, Muscle Hamster, and Burkhead). I’m good at WR (Brown, Hopkins, Allen, Diggs). I’m going to a guy sitting near the bottom of the standings looking for Ingram. which WR do you like more out of Allen and Diggs, I’m looking to trade one of them plus an RB for Ingram. This is a 10 team, 1/2 ppr, with 3 Keepers. I have D. Watson (RIP), so I was going to keep him, Brown, and Hopkins

Could you recommend a trade that should help me acquire Ingram.

I LOvE Allen. He’s has an awesome schedule ROS. Maybe offer Anderson since he’s coming off a TD game but whatever the least you have to give is. Diggs is coming off of a bad game though so he may not bite.