Trading for J Jones! Which players do I trade?

Would you trade Chris Thompson or Marshawn Lynch and a receiver like D Adams or C Hogan for Julio Jones?
My current RBs are Elliot and Gurley so I would still have them for a RB1 during a bye week.

If I was the Julio owner, I wouldn’t give up my first round guy for those players listed, though it depends on league size, roster need, etc. Hard to imagine that the JJ owner wouldn’t look at your roster and ask for Elliot or Gurley as part of the deal, sadly. WR1 costs at least a RB1 or WR1.

Yeah but he’s not asking for either of those (I won’t give them up yet) as he’s short on both positions. He asked for those guys as he’s selling low in a 2-4-1 deal.

Oh man, if was asking for those guys specifically I would totally do the deal then! Either combination of one WR and one RB you listed, I would gladly send away to stack my roster with Julio, Elliot, and Gurley.

If he’s asking for 2 of those 4 you listed, then offer the deal before he smartens up.

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Yeah I’m definitely making the deal, I guess I’m asking who I should keep to make my bye weeks still worthwhile for when those dudes are out.

Traded Chris Thompson and Devante Adams for Jones, thanks guys. Bought low and sold Thompson pretty high.

Beautiful trade. Cheers!

Wow well done. You definitely came out on top.

Damn… that’s a great deal.

Thompson was going in 6th-8th round in some of my drafts.