Trading for Javonte help

Hey guys. So I really wanna get Javonte Williams on my team. That rest of season schedule is beautiful and I’m fully believing in the second have breakout. I’ve tried offering woods, and then AB for him just to test the waters and was rejected both times. Any other offers you guys think would be worth it for me to try to go and get him? Teams are:

QB: Jameis
RB:Cook, Carson, Collins, Gainwell, Pollard
WR:Keenan, Diontae, Woods, AB, Renfro, Bateman

QB: Tannehill
RB: McCaffrey, Gordon, Javonte, Herbert, Carter,Johnson, Moss
WR: Metcalf, AJ Brown,Jamarr Chase, Golladay
TE:Knox, Jonnu

It’s going to be near impossible to trade with this guy since you can’t help him upgrade at QB, WR, or TE. Unless it’s a keeper/dynasty and you can trade draft picks it will be a tough sell.

Unless Cook is in the deal, I don’t think he will bite.