Trading for Joe Mixon

Full ppr, 10 team, start 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 flex. Golden Tate and Ajayi/Lewis good for Joe? I picked up Gio for the last couple weeks and the owner wouldn’t trade for Gio.

I would give that up for Mixon for sure. Doubt he will do it though

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Bumpity Bump

Might as well try. I would possibly do the trade if I was short on WR. I ould probably try to spicen it up a bit as the Bengals offense is really good this year and it would be hard to part with a piece from it.

You’re better off messaging him to see if he wants to move mixon than throwing a random dart out there. As a mixon owner though there’s no way in hell i’d do that trade.

zero % chance i give up mixon for Ajayi/Lewis + tate.