Trading for Josh Allen and CMC

I’m in a half ppr league. My running backs right now are kamara, mixon, Jonathan Taylor, James Robinson, Josh Kelley and devin singletary. My qbs are wentz and stafford. I was hoping to get more production from my qb slot and trade mixon to the cmc owner in the hopes cmc comes back at least half of what he was. Also mixon having four games against the steeers and ravens is unappealing.
Trade away: mixon
Trade for: CMC and Josh Allen or Newton

I’d do this in a heartbeat if I were you but I’m not sure the CMC owner would. As a CMC owner id be concerned with mixon’s production thus far and his schedule ahead. My counter would be JTT and an additional piece or two (depending on need and your roster) for CMC and a QB.

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If the CMC owner is willing to do this, TAKE IT! Hell, I’d even dump Mixon straight up for Josh Allen. You have plenty of RBs to survive that. Could be a league winning move. Good luck!