Trading for JuJu

I am a rebuilding team and I’m trying to acquire young players at lower cost. I am also trying to get some high picks next year. I might have a deal trading Stephon Diggs, Josh Allen, and my 2nd to get JuJu and a 1st next year. Thoughts on if its a good idea and if I should keep Juju or trade him for more assets. I’ve got Metcalf, AJ Brown, Ridley, and Diggs as my starting WR corps. It’s a 10 team .5 PPR league.

What kind of 1st are you getting though? Does the team trading it seem like they’re going on a title run and it’s gonna be a late first?

Think of it this way. Would you give up Josh Allen to move up 2-3 draft positions and swap Diggs for Juju?

What are your thoughts on Juju vs Diggs long term? Also, I would rank him low to mid but he has a strong need at QB and Allen is a big upgrade.

Juju over Diggs big time. Juju around 5-8, Diggs is around 18-22.

I think that is why I’m considering it a good trade for me. I like Juju now and I think I can replace Allen easier in the draft next year. I think concentrating my talent at WR is worth it. I can grab Big Ben off waivers and I have Baker as my backup. It’s a single QB league.

Make the trade.

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I modified it because he didn’t want to lose his first round pick. I removed the picks and subbed Denzel Mims. Digg and Allen for Juju and Mims.


I like that trade for you. Especially not in a SF league and only 10 teams. QB should not be as hard to replace and Allen might not be in a ‘forever home’ in BUF.

Your WR core is now sick. I am envious of it. Even in a 10 team, that group could run it for years to come.

I think @morestagedives has given solid advice throughout as well!

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Thanks for the response, @octoberland. I agree about my WR corps. I’m excited to see where it goes from here. I won’t be able to compete this year, but once I get some RB help and a good QB, I think I’ll be solidified at the top of the league for quite a while. I also agree, @morestagedives is the bomb as well.