Trading for Julio Jones need help

The Julio Jones owner in my league slept on the news last week that Ajayi is done for the season. He’s also 2-4 and only has Yeldon availabile at RB, also has no TE due to bye.

The league is full-PPR and starts: 2RBs, 3WRs, and a flex.

He is obviously in a tough spot.
My team is as follows:
WRs: Adam Thielen, Mike Evans, JuJu, Jarvis Landry, Kelce coutee, Geronimo Allison
RBs: Conner/Bell, Phillip Lindsay, Hyde, Ito Smith, Marlon Mack
TEs: OJ Howard & Rudolph

Is it too bold to make an offer that does not include any of my core players(Thielen, Evans, Juju & Bell)?

Probably too bold just on name recognition for Julio. I would try ju ju and lindsay maybe something in that ballpark. Don’t trade Thielen for anyone less that Barkley, M Gordon, or Gurley, he’s too valueable to trade sideways.

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Thank you for the input, you don’t have to worry about me trading Thielen, he’s probably my favorite player this year.

I was able to get it done, it was a unique situation where he had no usable TEs available this week, 1 RB not hurt or on bye and a 2-4 record.

hyde and jarvia would be kind of hard to refuse. I think he might bite.

He already bit on Jarvis Landry, Rudolph and Smallwood. He was the Ajayi owner. I also needed the roster space for a few bye week fillers.

Both our teams have better projections ROS so I am happy that at least on paper we both came out better off.

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oh lmao i didn’t realize that was your post. Good trade.

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My projected playoff starting lineup:

QB: TB12
RB1:L Bell
RB2: Phill’s Lindsay
WR1: Adam Thielen
WR2: Julio Jones
WR3: Mike Evans
TE: OJ Howard
Flex: Juju

I’m super stoked about my Air Force :sunglasses: