Trading for Kareem Hunt

12 man full PPR

I have both Cooks and Kupp rostered. I am pretty thin at RB and stacked at WR with AB and M. Thomas + Kupp/Cooks. My RBs are Mixon/Ajayi/Burkhead/Ekeler/Cohen.

I offered the trade of Ajayi + Cooks and he countered with Cooks + Mixon. I feel like that’s too much. Any advice?

no to cooks and mixon

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I’d stick to Cooks and Mixon in my team as well.

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I’d like to trade Cooks as I think Kupp is really the guy to own there - but really they’re identical in points in that offense I think. Who would be a solid RB to go after with Cooks as bait?

Lynch, possibly.

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Cooks + Mixon is too much for Hunt. I dont think he is worth it as he isnt going to get 30 Touches a game. What about Gordon or Fornette?


And that was my argument. I’ve thought about those guys

The same guy also has Freeman rostered so that’s interesting to me