Trading for Kenyon Drake/Jordan Howard

10 player keeper dynasty league.

I’m trying to trade for Kenyon Drake or Jordan Howard because he will not be kept by his current owner (His roster is stacked)

I have picks 1.05 1.07, 1.08, 1.1, 2.5, 3.03 and 3.07

What is a fair price for either and he only wants Picks back


What does the rest of the roster look like? I would be more inclined to trade Drake away than Howard, but i don’t think you will get much at all for Drake even if you sell his potential his market isn’t high right now.

Im trading for Drake. Only Keeper RB i have is Ajayi. He has Zeke Melvin Gordon Hunt Drake and Howard. Im thinking no higher than 1.10 because i will draft a couple of the Rookie RB’s

ah sorry misread you there! i think the 1.10 is fair and yes you could get one or two of the rookie backs outside of Barkley depending on how the rest of your league drafts.

Personally i’d prefer Howard but i think you could get Drake cheep now, as his role isn’t 100% assured and this guy has a ton of RB depth. If he wont take a 1.10 for Drake then i’d move on he’s not worth more than that at the moment

I’d prefer Drake by quite a lot. I’d be fine with a 2nd for him.

I’d rather Jordan Howard by a mile. He’ll have more touches on a much better offense. I really think this could be his best year yet. Chicago is going through a similar situation to what happened for the Rams - getting rid of John Fox is going to make a huge difference for that whole offense.

But what is the Right Price?

What if I offered 1.08 AND 1.10 for both Drake and Howard? I would still hvae 1.05 and 1.07

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Totally agree I can’t see anywhere near the same floor or ceiling potential for Drake compared to Howard.

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I’ll take the talent, and I don’t think Howard is all that talented.

Yah there’s no hiding the fact that the dude can’t catch, but in terms of an early down/goal line back he’s pretty damn talented. Back to back 1000 yard seasons, averaging 4.6 ypc, 9 TDs last year. Maybe I’m being overly optimistic but I just see him improving in that offense.

Agreed I think you have to go with volume and situation and Howard has the better on both counts. Also as you say getting over a thousand yards last year again especially against all the stacked boxes he faced i think shows his talent. I don’t think he’ll do a Gurley but Nagy and the weapons they’ve added will ensure there are 8 man boxes a hell of a lot less

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I mean you can give it a shot but I’d decline that pretty quickly. I’d give the 1.05 for Howard if that helps. You’ll still be able to get one of the better rookie RBs with the 1.07 and 1.08

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Im very likely going to keep 1.05 because Im hoping for a guy like Penny or Jones to Fall to me but i think at 1.07 its more likely im left with freeman (which is fine but theres risk he wont be there) and I fear the best available will be Kerryon Johnson who isnt the clear cut #1 yet

I think he’s a slightly above replacement level runner. Back to back 1000 yard seasons is nice, but more than a bit misleading. He was unplayable or a borderline flex play in literally half the games last year. He beat up on a couple of teams and fell backwards into 1000 yards. That was with a dinosaur coaching staff that is obsessed with power running and defense. Now they gave a young coach, who supposedly is part of the forward thinking offensive movement that is largely about getting players who are good in space in space and creating ‘layup’ throws for the QB. I expect him to get less volume, not more. Maybe if they’re blowing people out, he’ll kill the clock, but otherwise, I’m very, very concerned he’ll have long stretches like Hunt did in the middle of the season and games where he’s flat out game scripted out of the game plan like he was last year.

I think Drake is a legitimately very talented runner and a plus receiver (which clearly Howard isn’t), who i expect to lock down a shallow backfield. I’m admittedly worried about Drake’s situation, but I’ll still take the talent, diverse skillset and safer week to week workload.

Haha I’m clearly in the minority on Drake in this forum as I’m simultaneously having a separate discussion about him and Kerryon Johnson.

Going back to 2016 when Arian Foster went down for Miami, it was RBBC at that point until Ajayi beat Drake and Damian Williams out. Then Ajayi was traded and they still didn’t go straight to Drake, it took an injury to Williams for that to happen. He ended the season with 5 solid games, but I’m just not ready to trust him yet. I think the Dolphins offense is going to be terrible and that their backfield will look more of a RBBC with Ballage and Gore. I personally don’t want any part of it.

I totally agree with you about Nagy’s offense being completely different and that it could effect Howard’s touches. I just also think with the emergence of some of the new offensive weapons they have, a step forward for Trubisky, and a solid o line Howard will be put in better situations to succeed than he ever has been.

They specifically stated part if the reason they trades Ajayi was to get Drake more opportunities and they let Williams walk. I don’t think Ballage is going to see the field much. He’s legitimately bad. Great athlete. Awful RB. Gore, at this point, doesn’t concern me. You can’t go into the draft with 1 RB in the roster and they could have signed someone with a little more juice left (and/or drafted one of the many highly thought of backs much earlier) if they weren’t confident in Drake.

I would throw in the 2.5 with the 1.08 & 1.10 to land both of the RBs. You get 2 guys that should not be total busts and get rid of risk. You also get the upside of 2 low end RB1 / high end RB2. That is nice value. I feel Howard is more safe but not inspiring. But you seem to know what you are getting. Drake has upside for big payoff but should not be removed from the offense. He definitely showed well when given the chance.

Those 3 picks for those 2 RBs would be worth it IMHO. Not sure he will bite, but why not try?

Else, I would float 1.07 or 1.08 for either, probably leading with Howard as I think he should be more stable with still upside.

In the end, you have many picks to try and land RB depth. There are some solid backs out there in the 2nd/3rd rounds.