Trading for Kyler Murray in SF Dynasty

Really wanting to land Kyler Murray in my 12 team SF tiered PPR (0.5 RB, 1 WR, 1.5 TE) league.

My roster:
My picks are 1.06, 2.01, 2.06, 2.11, 5.06

His roster:
His picks are 1.08, 2.08, 3.08, 4.08, 5.05

What you would offer for Murray with my team? 2nd year of play SF so still getting used to the values in trades.


You could offer something like: Derrick Henry and your 1.06 for his 1.08 and Kyler. If I am you in that scenario though I am looking to get another one of his running back’s to stay wealthy at that position. You could offer someone like Kareem Hunt and/or Jamaal Williams as well and hopefully you can turn them into Marlon Mack or Raheem Mostert. This still seems like a pretty good value, and if it took Preston Williams or your 2.06 to get Marlon Mack I think I’d do it.

Ultimately, you’re selling Henry at probably his highest value in his career, and hopefully not losing much by moving down two slots in the first round. I’d probably wait a little closer to draft time to make sure it was worth it, but it seems like a good deal if you’re after Murray.

I traded for him in a league already and I am super excited. Good luck :slight_smile:

Good luck! If the other guy traded Kyler he’d only have Dak and Darnold. You could try Teddy B + Mitch + Guice, which you may not want to do. Rivera always has done a RBBC and he seemed to say he was going to do it this year too). I’d also wait till Teddy B signs somewhere before you trade him, bc as soon as he signs he’ll get a big bump. Also, he has no taxi spots so feel free to throw a few nickels his way if they can go on his taxi squad

How many SF spots are there?

That is the plan with Henry to sell him asap. Offered Henry and Bridgewater for Kyler and 1.08 but he declined. Waiting to hear back about what else he might be interested in.

I’m the team that has Dak. He’d have Cousins and Darnold left. Waiting to hear back about what he is interested in before throwing out anymore offers. This guy is unfortunately pretty silent when it comes to trading. Usually make an offer that gets declined with no negotiating or counters.

There’s 1 QB slot and 1 SF slot.