Trading for Kyler Murray/Rodgers/Allen or Goff ? Help!

I’m in need of a QB badly I have Cam and I’m starting Stafford this week but I don’t like the idea of streaming a QB every week till Cam gets better if he ever does this year

I’m looking to trade for Murray/Rodgers/Allen/Goff
Possibly get them for cheaper than any other QBs but I don’t know what is too much or too little to offer

RBs are Carson Chubb Fournette Sanders
WRs Diggs Hopkins Watkins Gordon Scary Terry And MeCole

EVERY trade is Team dependent. You have to make a judgement call. Look who has the QB you want and see where they are weak. Then work out a trade according to that. In no world can you just stay this player for that.

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He’s weak at RB rn he has Kamara and Mixon the rest r maybe flex plays if ur desperate but would you do Murray and Mixon buying low on Mixon since he’s been pretty bad for Carson or Fournette? Or would you rather give up someone like Sanders for Murray
His starting QB is Rodgers

Sanders is a stash play. Slowly getting more work each week. IF you need to win now send Sanders. Carson for Mixon and Murray is an okay trade. I dont personally like it, but im low on Murray and Mixon.

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Would u rather make a bigger trade for Rodgers? But big but go for the bigger name and possibly give up more?