Trading for Lev Bell

I have been arguing with a buddy of mine about this the last 2 days.
Is it worth trading for Lev Bell? I think that it is, especially for what I think I can get him for. I am almost sure I can get Lev Bell with Shady and Mike Williams.

My buddy doesn’t think it’s worth doing and I think it’s worth a starting RB that is on the field for almost 100 percent of snaps.

…and the argument goes back and forth. What do you guys think?

If you can get him for that I would definitely do it. Although if the Lev Bell owner gives him up for 2 injury prone players neither of which has been consistent this year then can I have his email so I can invite him to my league next year?


100% no brainer, but if you can get him for that then the current Bell owner is a fool

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HA! Right? Some of the trades that I pull on this league makes me feel guilty but hey- they said yes and I’m not vetoing(I got Saquon last week for Gurley straight up…and earlier I got Godwin for Hollywood).

Yeah that trade is very much in your favor. Especially with Darnold cleared for week 6, Bell’s value goes up. His buy-low trade window won’t be open much past this week.

if you have any open spots next year keep me in mind. SHEESH!!!

How about pushing Montgomery instead of Shady if they counter?

still a totally one sided trade, so yes

Yeah I’m starting to feel guilty.

I’ll come back and update.

like you said, if they say yes its on them.

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I tried getting Bell in both of my leagues, and offering better players, but no dice.

So if you can get him to say yes, all for it.

Bell is definitely someone I’m wanting with his use and schedule coming up.

An update and some quick advice please:

My offer was turned down- understood- countered with Thielen for Bell. Straight up.
I should take it without even thinking right?

BUMP for me

100% i’d be doing that as long as you have the wrs too plug in

WRs are

Tyreek Hill
Mike Williams

I thought about it too long I guess. He canceled it. I might bring it back up.

well thats more than enough to cover the loss of thielen.

Thanks bro- I’m gonna wait a day so his loss this week kicks in and he starts to panic.

Bell had a decent week doubt he deals him even though he lost. I’d rather have an RB1 over a fringe WR1.

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If you can get him for only Shady and Mike Williams, I would do that 10/10 times. I’m considering trading DJ for Bell and a solid WR, so that could show you what people would be willing to pay. He’s been fine even when the Jets offense was literally non-existent. They have great match ups coming up and the offense will be much better with Darnold back. This is probably the last “buy-low” opportunity on Bell IMO

We’ll see. You doubted I could get Godwin for Hollywood but I did.
It’s worth a shot- he has the worst team in the league. Something has to change.