Trading for Mahomes

Mahomes owner in our league just made it clear he’s on the trading block given he also has Lamar Jackson.

My QBs are Rodgers and Allen - Given Rodgers isn’t putting up fantasy numbers and Allen isn’t the most proven reliable QB out there, I’m slightly interested.

He’s express interest in Woods, would you trade Woods straight up for Mahomes?

My other WRs: Juju, MT, Evans, Crowder, Sutton, Conley, A. Miller, A.J. Brown, KeeSean Johnson

Bump. Would really appreciate some feedback :confused:

Dynasty or redraft? 4 or 6pt TD? Any other bonuses?

Otherwise… yes, offer Woods and hope that they accept for Mahomes in return. (I would not accept a competent owner to accept.) If they have Lamar and are selling Mahomes - expect they want a treasure chest.

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I could not accept that trade quick enough, especially with your WR group. Sure Juju and Evans haven’t been great but they will come around.

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Thanks for the feedback - it is somewhat of a dynasty (keep 10), 4 pt TDs.

Nobody in our league is going to give up too much for a QB, nobody needs one desperately and we’re all well aware of their values in a non-superflex league.

Woods for Mahomes I’d be fine with given your WR depth.

Although I’d also be fine with Starting Allen next week and seeing what Rodgers does. I’d be perfectly fine with Rodgers/Allen as my QBs.

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Quarterbacks are devalued in 1 QB leagues. But not that much and not Mahomes. He’s a league breaker at that cost.

He does need some WRs which is why I think it can be done. His WR 1 is Tyrell Williams which actually turned out to not be so terrible after the Brown trade, and then Ross who’s blowing up now but we’ll see after Green comes back. And then Amendola… and that’s it.

If you can get it done, great!

But I would not make that deal as the Mahomes owner with those WRs. Needing a WR doesn’t necessarily mean trade Mahomes for 60 cents on the dollar.

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