Trading for McCoy

I’m sitting 2nd in an 8-team 0.5 PPR league, and i’m looking at a trade offer from the guy I just beat where he gives me McCoy in return for Hyde and McKinnon. I have Gurley, so taking this trade leaves me with 2 locked and loaded, every-week start RB’s ROS. Though it does leave me short on depth.

I’ve been looking to shift Hyde for a short while as he’s on a losing team so I fear they might start to reduce his workload towards seasons end, especially as he’s a bit injury prone. I like McKinnon but feel this is a price worth paying. Would anyone else take this?

For info, current roster is:
QB: Goff, Ryan
RB: Gurley, Hyde, McKinnon, White, Jones (+ Johnson on IR - slim chance he makes it back from injury and plays?)
WR: Crabtree, Thielen, Adams, Hilton, Sanu
TE: Graham, Engram
K: Boswell
DEF: Bears