Trading for Melvin

Trade away Chubb for Gordon and Damien Williams?? Does this seem fair?

Current team:
QB: Goff
RB: Chubb, Hyde, Michel, Samuels, Malcolm Brown
WR: Julio, Woods, Alshon, Shepherd, Dede, DK
TE: Olsen

Looking at this roster what else would you try to put together to get Gordon? He already has Kupp so likely can’t ship Woods to him…

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Difficult to try and figure out the value of Gordon. He’s a stud, no doubt. As a Gordon owner, I was was looking to swing a trade with the Chubb owner in order to pick up a decent WR as my WRs are weak. IMO, D. Williams is similar to your other RBs in that they’re all time shares. Personally, I’d hold onto Chubb and play best match ups with your other RBs.