Trading for Mixon in Dynasty

Was offered 3 options, since I showed some interest in Mixon, 12 team 0.5 ppr:

I give 1.05, I get Mixon

I give D. Henry, I get Mixon 2.06

I give D Henry, I get Mixon move from 1.10 to 1.06 ( I have the 1.05 and the 1.10)

Do you like any of these trades, and if so which one do you think is the best? Can I get more for Henry?

I’d rather have Mixon than Henry Straight up, so getting value to make the swap works for me.

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Henry has more value right now, regardless of your opinion of him so i wouldn’t give him up for mixon. the 1.05 is likely to be a WR so if you need youth at WR id keep it but if your set go and get Mixon

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I think Henry is the lead back next year with a change of pace back to help out. Henry has more value IMO vs Mixon. I didn’t look into Gio Bernards contract but if he is a free agent Mixon may have more value than he does right now but I don’t think he will surpass Henry. Plus Mixon plays for Cincy, and Cincy=:poop:

Gio is under contract for cheap. He’s not going anywhere.

I’d make the move and take the third option with the Mixon and picks

Does Henry have more value, or more perceived value? Not the same thing. Read the tea leaves: 1) the old coaching staff, who wanted a smash mouth running game, thought Demarco Murray (including this year’s shelf-of-himself version) gave them a better chance to win; 2) the front office has made it clear that the priority is supporting and developing Mariota; 3) Mariota has not looked great in that old school traditional offense; 4) he was a stud in a more spread and RPO-based system; 5) the spread and RPO are the new rage in the NFL; 6) Henry doesn’t make much since in these in vogue offenses; 7) he was heavily reliant in big plays (great that the he has it in his tool box, but he’s never shown the ability to be a chain mover consistently); 8) he’s a non-factor in the passing game.

Still think he’s more valuable? I think he’s drastically over-valued, and therefore a great sell high option. Mixon is the more versatile and talented player and is coming off a rough year (i.e. buy low candidate). Easy call to me.


I meant perceived value but I don’t think his value is as low as you say.

I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see them draft an RB.

I think this comment is spot on. Mixon is also younger and a true three-down back. Sell high on Henry while you can.

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I would do the last one. Give Henry and get Mixon while moving up 4 spots. Both Mixon and Henry are risky, but Mixon has the bigger upside in my opinion, especially in PPR. Better receiving abilities and he is able to create more on his own.

I would also do the third option and I don’t even like Henry. However with word that D Murray is going to be cut, Henry’s value is going to skyrocket. I would actually do the deal with the intent to flip Henry for more then you paid.

@DFWB You think the Titans are going to draft an RB? What makes you think that vs acquiring depth through free agency?

Technically I didn’t say I thought they would, rather it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they did. But to answer your question, draft picks are much cheaper and a much, much better value.