Trading for Nuk

Im trying to take advantage of a bears fan that took a horrible loss.
Would you trade David Montgomery and DJ Moore for DeAndre Hopkins, and leave the RBs extra thin?

My RBs feel thin: Sony Michel, Aaron Jones, David Montgomery, Coleman, Hyde, Mattison
My WRs are strong: D Adams, Juju, DJ Moore, Keke, McLaurin.

Iā€™m not sure how desperate she is yet, She also has Allen Robinson, Alshon Jeffrey, Adam Thielen and Mecole. Should I target A Rob or Thielen is she rejects?

As Legit as Nuk is, the trade would leave you thin at rb. But the idea of starting nuk Adams and juju is crazy

I would do that as fast as humanly possible.

I would not do that trade for any of these other WR. Nuk is a whole new level of amazing and is the only reason I am ok with your dangerously thin RB after that. I would not lose Montgomery for any of those other guys with your RB group.

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