Trading for Pats D?

Having a tough time working out how to value the Pats D? Owner is struggling at WR and looking to sell.

My current D is Chargers and my WR’s are fairly deep with,

D.J. Moore
Terry McLaurin
DeMarcus Robinson

What would a fair offer be there? Most weeks I’m playing 2 of the above.

Unless you can dump off Robinson or Metcalf, I wouldn’t bother trading for a DST. Just stream a defense based off weekly matchups.

I’ve got the Pats’ D in two leagues… I strongly disagree… it’s definitely worth trading for…

It’s scoring at double the rate of an average Defense and currently sitting 30 points ahead of the Bears… the only other D/ST that’s remotely trade-able for

I’d throw McLaurin at it, who was probably a waiver pickup anyways and not think twice about it… points are points… D/ST put them up, too… the Pats D has been ridiculous this year, and every offense in their division is terrible

Think so too, you could trade mclaurin or metcalf.

Pats schedule stays awesome

This is so awesome