Trading for playoffs, RATE IT

Trade Josh Jacobs and DJ Chark for Michael Thomas and Travis Fulgham.

1/2 ppr
12 team, 4 man bench
Current Roster
RBs: Chris Carson, Josh Jacobs, James Robinson, Boston Scott and Tevin Coleman
WRs: DeAndre Hopkins, DJ Chark and Mecole Hardman

I’m 6-1 currently in my league, and I decided to try and stack Thomas with DeAndre for the playoffs.


Also have:

Russell Wilson
Jonnu Smith, Rob Gronk
Chiefs D
Jason Myers (stream kicker)

Assuming your rb of Carson and Robinson hold up through to week 16 and Thomas is back 100% it’s great. Otherwise your rb will be messy if the starters in front Scott and Coleman are back if one of your key duo go down.

With short benches, is there much rb options on waiver to bulk that up? I’d probably also look to move a te for a more consistent wr.

But it has potential to be something that puts you over the top but it’s risky in my opinion.

Scott is a one week play going against Dallas, I’ve been sitting on Latavius and will try and pick up him or Justin Jackson after this week, depending on availability. There’s usually RB’s available with a short bench.

Also looking to move Fulgham after this week to bulk up WR bench.

I agree I need my RB’s to stay healthy, but didn’t want to rely on both Robinson and Chark in a Jax stack going down the stretch, and figured I’d use Jacobs now while he has some value. I like Robinson going forward with Menschew having a broken thumb and the strength of schedule…keeping my fingers crossed Coleman comes out swinging for the 49ers.

Appreciate your opinion!!! Thanks!

There’s options on wire so it’s something you can easily fix if worst happens. In that case I’d go for this.

Thanks for the backup!

Trade is done and done!

I’d absolutely be claiming Jackson just now though. I like hardman but Jackson is an immediate need.

Good point, thanks!

I’m in about the same position in a league I’m in. 5-2, desperately trying to trade for Thomas as his owner needs to win now. This is not a tough decision. Do it. Saints are going to the postseason. Whenever Thomas gets healthy he will need to be reintegrated into the offense and the Saints will have the flexibility to oblige. Even if its week 12. He will CRUSH if he gets healthy. That’s the only issue here…IF he gets healthy.

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