Trading for QB to fill in for Brees

Trying to get Russell Wilson from the Mahomes owner to fill in for Brees on bye. Other guy offered Wilson for Doug Baldwin. Does it make sense to give up Baldwin for a one week play in standard? My other WRs are MThomas, DThomas, Lockett, Allison, Cobb, & DJax

Which QBs are in your waiver wire? Probably better to stream one vs trade for one if it’s just a rental.

Trubisky, Carr, Mariota, & Keenum are the best options

It sure if I see Wilson as being a huge upgrade over any of those honestly. They’ve become pretty run heavy so he’s thrown for less and isn’t rushing the same himself this season. I’d be interested in Trubisky after his breakout game though and Carr has a decently safe floor. Seattle has a good defense but they definitely aren’t the legion of boom anymore.

Yeah I guess I’m trying to shoot more for one of those Wilson shootout games. Trubisky was who I was leaning off waivers so I might just stick with that