Trading for Saquon

I am 3-0 and looking very good right now. Looking at my team what would be a good trade to get saquon from his owner (whos 1-2)?
QB: Lamar
RB: Sony, Ekeler, Aaron Jones, Melvin Gordon, Jaylen Sameuls, Alexander Mattison
WR: Hopkins, Fitz, Manny Sanders, Mecole
TE: Kelce, T.j. Hock

Hes also the cook owner with no rb depth.

I would still want either Hopkins, Kelce, or Lamar and then probably a guy like Aaron Jones. Even thought Barkley is hurt it’s not season ending and he will still be a beast when he comes back.

hes out for 4-8 weeks

Hadn’t seen the 4-8 that’s a long time for a high ankle sprain, must be bad. Originally thought it would be 3-6 or so. That being said you might be able to get him for Jones or someone of that straight up. Depends if you can survive until he gets back.

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Trade Kelce and Jones for Barkley. If I were the Barkley owner I would have a hard time declining and you have to much upside with the trade. If you can throw in mecole for his TE(if he’s good) then you should pave the way to a solid team.

I ended up trading Aaron jones and Alexander mattison for barkley.

You just stole your league!