Trading for Saquon!

Would you trade away Chubb for Saquon since he’s trending towards coming back?

Other RBs are Fournette David Johnson McCoy Samuels and Hunt

What is your record? Unless you’re 3-1 or 4-0 I don’t think the risk is worth the reward. Chubb might be a top 5 guy ROS

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Neither of those records lol I’m just worried Chubb might lose touches to Hunt and I’d rather not risk him slowing down towards the end and maybe capitalize on Barkley almost being back, the Barkley owner is really weak at RB and I feel like he might take the offer

Would u rather try Fournette and McCoy? Or D.J. and McCoy for him? @michael_pounders

If you have a .500 record or worse, its a huge risk to trade a guy you can start for a guy multiple weeks away from playing again. If your starting RBs are Fournette and DJ, rather than Chubb and DJ/Fournette you might lose more games (especially if one gets injured). By the time Barkley comes back, you may be out of the playoff race and he becomes irrelevant.
I understanding wanting to trade Chubb high; but, trading for a guy you can’t start for a while is betting that your team can win without the RB1 you’re trading away.
Its a risky move but if it pays off, you’re in the playoffs with a beast roster. If it doesn’t workout, you’ll be in the toilet bowl with a beast roster.

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Would you rather try doing just a 1 for 1 with Fournette and maybe offer McCoy? @michael_pounders

For the record, I’m considering offering Fournette for Barkley 1 for 1 as well. Barkley owner is 0-4, I’m 3-1.

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Who are ur RBs? @hurricanetht

I have McCaffrey, Fournette, and Carson. I ended up offering Carson and Diggs instead, as Barkley and Carson have the same bye and sending Fournette would leave me short a guy for Wk 11.

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That’s one reason I was trying to see if I could trade Hopkins all of my WRs are on bye week 10 also would u trade Fournette and Gordon for Hill and Mixon? Or rather try Fournette for Barkley then maybe offer McCoy? @hurricanetht


I think I’d do Fournette and McCoy for Barkley, if you can’t get it straight up. I don’t mind the other trade either, assuming you mean Josh Gordon and Tyreek Hill. I have Fournette slightly above Mixon ROS, and Hill would be a solid upgrade over Gordon in my mind.

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Thanks for the help I’m looking to offer those trades and hopefully they can maybe go through @hurricanetht

No problem man, good luck with it!

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I was also thinking what about Tyreek for Fournette? @hurricanetht

I already have Chubb David Johnson McCoy Samuels and Hunt being that deep at RB I could use one to upgrade to a better WR since my current WRs are Hopkins Josh Gordon McLaurin Alshon and Golden Tate