Trading for Shady and OBJ?

Half PPR… have opportunity to flip Antonio Brown and Tevin Coleman for Shady and OBJ…

OBJ just scares me every game due to his injury after random injury, and shady is doing decent right now but coleman is literally right there w/points as him…

Am I overthinking it?

IMO it depends on the rest of your roster. You’d be upgrading at RB but downgrading at WR. That said, your trading 1 stud for 2 studs so I’d probably do it.

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Rest of my roster for rbs and wr are the following:

Wrs: Antonion, Keenan Allen, Cooper, Landry
Rbs: Gordon, CJA, Charles, Ellington, JStew

I think you have to do it. Slight downgrade at WR, but like Joey said, you’re getting two studs and only giving up one in return.