Trading for T. Hill PPR

Would you guys send this for T. Hill?

Godwin and Kupp for T. Hill

My WR:
M. Evans
K. Golladay
C. Kupp
C. Godwin
T. Williams
T. McLaurin

You start 3 WR in this league…

Any opinions? Am I giving up too much for Hill?

IDK, that is a ton of more consistent production to give up. Unless you get bonus points for return yards and long plays, IDK if I would give up those guys.

Maybe you can get Evans off your bench for Hill… I would rather have Hill than Evans. Godwin is the new Larry Fitzgerald, and Evans is the new Smokey John Brown…

If you ask me yes. Maybe Golladay and Williams? I wouldn’t give up Kupp or Godwin. I could do one of those guys with a lesser wideout but wouldn’t give up both.

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I mean Evans does have a great ADOT of 17 yards, and he has amazing past numbers with Winston. He is a great talent.

Now, I am biased against Mike Evans because he cost me weeks in the past and I usually get mad spending a 2nd round pick on Evans just to keep him on the bench cuz he was so inconsistent and nobody would accept a trade for him…

Hm yea, I had really high hopes for Evans this year. I actually thought he could be the #1 WR but Winston just isn’t good enough. Maybe if I offer Evans and Williams he would take that

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It’s not to say that Hill is ‘t a boom/bust risk either, but he absolutely has a better offense/QB/system where he can get a jet sweep and go to the house, or a long play down the field.

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I’ll offer Evans + Williams, if he accepts good if not I’ll hold to my Evans and hope the becomes the beast I know he can be