Trading for Taylor

I would like to have a solid RB2 and my target is Johnathan Taylor. Would Hunt and Hollywood Brown or Edelman be enough?

My Team:
QB: Lamar
RB: Zeke, Hunt, Bell, Gibson, Mattison, Pollard, Josh Kelly
WR: Adams, Holloywood, Edelman, Deebo, Djax
TE: Goedert

His Team:
QB: Matt Ryan, Stafford
RB: CEH, Mostert, Taylor, Swift
WR: Hopkins, Ruggs, Godwin. OBJ, Boyd, Corey Davis
TE: Hunter Henry, Higbee

Try using Hunt and Edelman since he had a good game

Do you think that is enough tho?

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It’s worth a try but might not be enough just cuz he lost Mostert for however long so he might ask for more than usual

I agree with @matthewm23 I’d say throw the offer out (Hunt and Edelman) and see how he responds

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@chrism @nate7890 you guys think I should try trading Evans and J Rob for David Johnson and DK Metcalf? Or should I try getting Michael Thomas instead and wait out his return.

I have Wilson that’s why I’d choose Metcalf and I’m iffy about TB’s offense and I think Johnson could be safer than J Rob

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@matthewm23 what does the rest of your roster look like? I’m trying to move Mike Evans in my Dynasty league team also…
Are you talking Redraft/PPR? Or some other format?

@nate7890 if you make that offer I wanna hear how it turns out! If he accepts it, I think you definitely win the trade.

I dont think you should go for Thomas. Everyone is getting hurt so you can be waiting and waiting hoping that Thomas comes back early and at full health.

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I think right now, with how well Taylor played in his first start, you will have to give up a lot to get Taylor. Unfortunately for you as well, Mostert went down with an ankle injury Sunday, so he may be missing time and Taylor will fill in his team’s RB1/2 role perfectly.

You can attempt your trade, but I believe it will be rejected unless you sacrifice a lot of your team for Taylor.

I have (had) Saquon and josh Jacobs, would it be a fair trade to give up Adam Theilen and Antoni Gibson?