Trading for the 2nd Overall Pick

So which of these seem to fit the 2nd overall pick.

Thinking of either:

My First Round Pick of 2022 and 2023


My First Round Pick of 2022 and Two Second Round Picks of 2022.

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IDNK what your '22 1st is, but I’d try to hold your '23. Especially if you are moving up in '22 and giving up more equity. '23 looks to be really pretty strong. If your '22 is inside the top 6 (1.06 or earlier) I’d start with a single 2nd round, but ultimately moving both is probably fine.

I’d say the first and two seconds. Success falls way off in the second rounds…I’d try a first, second, and third first.

Who you targeting at 1.02? Personally I like the opirtunity to take two guys, at the back of the first, and start of the second, over the top guys in this class